Once Upon Our Times M.A. Kairos

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277 pages


Once Upon Our Times  by  M.A. Kairos

Once Upon Our Times by M.A. Kairos
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Once Upon Our Times can be viewed in different ways. Some might see it as fantasy: a mysterious young man known only as Mister acquires the ability to stop time while being able to move about freely. He uses that talent to selfishly bolster his otherwise miserable school grades and lackluster athletic performances, to deal with tormenting bullies, and to acquire the girl of his dreams, a school mate named Abby.

She dumps him after discovering his secret and his lies, only to reconsider and reunite. The pair then spend their lives solving crimes a la Nick and Nora Charles.On the other hand, the more discerning reader will see the true literary merit of this book, an allegory in which Misters ability is merely the vehicle that carries us on a dark and multi-faceted journey through a decaying America along a road of self-discovery rich in religious meaning and symbolism. Its three-part structure suddenly now parallels the three basic themes of the Bible: Creation, Fall from Grace, and Redemption.Part One finds Mister being blessed with his gift on a snowy January 6 (the day of Epiphany, by the way).

He becomes drunk with that power as he struggles to use it for good or evil, right or wrong. He chooses unwisely and lies, cheats and steals his way toward creating an inflated persona—someone he once only dreamed of being—while capturing the heart of Abby.By Part Two, Abby has discovered Misters transgressions and leaves him because of a love falsely acquired.

Mister falls from grace, slipping into an underworld of drugs, alcohol and overwhelming depression before Abby chooses to forgive, and saves him from a spiraling demise.Part Three then is Misters redemption by way of Abby, his guardian angel, whose idea for salvation puts him in touch with the true purpose and meaning to his special gift.Once Upon Our Times thus becomes a fresh and intriguing look at some time-honored questions, a deeply layered story filled with detail and imagery yet resplendent with humor, drama and suspense, the account of an extended life full of profound revelation and understanding.Or, it can be seen as fantasy.The reader must make that choice.Follow the book at: missabbyseyes.wordpress.com

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