Artists Daughter Leslie OGrady

ISBN: 9780425051467

Published: December 1st 1981


272 pages


Artists Daughter  by  Leslie OGrady

Artists Daughter by Leslie OGrady
December 1st 1981 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 272 pages | ISBN: 9780425051467 | 8.35 Mb

Nora Woburn is on the run from an abusive husband. Despite her classical education & friendship with the Pre-Raphaelite crowd, shes been supporting herself for three years -- not by painting, but by writing scandalous novels & ghost stories. Her hard work has brought few material comforts, but enough for survival...until Oliver shows up to demand his financial & physical rights. But though Nora is rescued from rape, she cant do anything about his taking her authorial earnings. Desperate for better circumstances -- and disgusted at social pressures that face a woman who abandons her husband -- she accepts an offer from the less-than-reputable Lord Raven, Sir Mark Gerrick.

Nora will move to Gerricks estate, receive a salary under the table, & write as the mood strikes. In exchange she will be companion to Marks younger sister.The job seems easy at first, though Amabel Gerrick is spoiled, temperamental, & graced with a year-old lovechild.

But while Nora is perfectly willing to accept Amabels social decline, she cant understand the family friction. Soon Nora discovers the fate of a third sibling -- Marks younger brother, Damon, who has been locked in a posh asylum -- and becomes tangled in a revenge plot against the remaining Gerrick siblings...who do an awesome job of pissing each other off. And why does Mark keep one of Noras fathers paintings in his study -- the same painting that posed her as a blushing maiden on the verge of meeting a lover?

In the middle of this, her husband returns. Of course Nora refuses to go back...but is her stubbornness out of hatred for Oliver, or has she fallen for Mark?Illegimate children, suicides, ghostly ruins, baby kidnapping...thats a lot for 216 pages, but it didnt seem overdone. It was a good gothic romance -- comfortable with tradition (honestly, theres no doubt of a HEA), but enough convention-twisting to keep things interesting. Nora is afraid of love...because shes too experienced, not an innocent. Amabel is a spoiled younger sister...but she adores her baby son.

The villainous mistress is a stuck-up bint...but you cant help feeling sorry for her circumstances. For such a short book, the characterizations were surprisingly good. Nora also pokes fun at several gothic cliches during her adventures- this makes for an extra layer of humor because Nora (& her author) are so proudly crafting the sensational romances where such cliches are common.Overall, this was a keeper -- similar to Carola Salisbury & Victoria Holt. The narration was smooth- Nora has a dry sense of humor & is frustrated by convention, but shes not an anachronism.

Bonus: very little adverb flogging. :)4 stars.

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