Diaries: In Power 1983-1992 Alan Clark

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Diaries: In Power 1983-1992  by  Alan Clark

Diaries: In Power 1983-1992 by Alan Clark
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The famous Alan Clark diaries! In a word, disappointing. Its not just that Clark is a jerk, its also because Clark is never at the heart of things. He is the frustrated middle manager believing that he has more talent than others think- close to the action but not close enough to influence anything.

His attitude grates. This is a man who in politics for personal power and the because people who do not buy their own furniture should rule (rule not server). His constituents and the general electorate are treated with contempt. The book is not without drama, the last days of Tatcher are interesting and his general irreverence is fun at times.

However, its his general irrelevance that is the problem.

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